1. The process of my mural at “g” skate park on Rokko Island, Kobe- underdrawing to finish. It was a lot of fun! 

  2. A concert flyer I illustrated and designed.

  3. Forgot to post these pictures from the group show last month at Recto Verso Gallery in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. I was lucky to be part of it! I got to show my work along with those of Seki mari, Noriyuki., and Tsukiboshi Kairi. Thank you!

  4. Making a big drawing at a skatepark, Good Skates in Rokko Island, Kobe. 

  5. inspiring-illustration:

    Mariya Suzuki

    i’ve just run into this post! I drew this 2 years ago, and i had no idea it was shared here on tumblr. thank you Odile :)

  6. Drew on this skateboard for my cousin.

  7. Year of the horse.

  8. Live jazz trio and the dinner afterwards.

  9. Why is it impossible to organize my closet..

  10. Here is a few photos of my work at Cafe Wakakusa in Nara, Japan. I am really grateful to have the opportunity to show my drawings from my sketchbooks!