1. My first illustration to go on a book cover! A song book published by Ongakunotomosha. Music by Kensaku Tanikawa, lyrics by Wakako Kaku. I am very thankful for Mr. Kensaku, who asked me to do this and convinced the publisher to use my illustration!

  2. I had a really good time at the book cafe, Wildbunch the other day. Saw the saxophonist Sachi Hayasaka’s trio, TReS, and the drummer Kosmas Kapitza play. Their jazz, full of energy, vibrates the air and pushes me forward.

  3. A cafe in Kyoto, and some hands and legs in Kyoto.

  4. Music I went to see last night.

  5. I finally took better pictures of my mural. Here are a picture of the finished and some detail shots.

  6. Another flyer design I did for another concert.

  7. The process of my mural at “g” skate park on Rokko Island, Kobe- underdrawing to finish. It was a lot of fun! 

  8. A concert flyer I illustrated and designed.

  9. Forgot to post these pictures from the group show last month at Recto Verso Gallery in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. I was lucky to be part of it! I got to show my work along with those of Seki mari, Noriyuki., and Tsukiboshi Kairi. Thank you!

    Photos of the exterior of the gallery taken by a photographer, Mizuho Fukahori. Photos of my pieces inside provided by the gallery.

  10. Making a big drawing at a skatepark, Good Skates in Rokko Island, Kobe.